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Jolly Songs - 42 sounds and vowel song

Click below to see the 42 sounds and actions that your child learns during their Reception year:

What is synthetic phonics?

Our aim is to teach EVERY child to read and write. Children learn 42 sounds (phonemes) and the corresponding letter/letters (graphemes). They learn to read words using segmenting (sounding out each individual sound) and blending (putting all the sounds together to form the whole word). Using synthetic phonics, children quickly learn to blend letter sounds together to read.


Jolly Phonics

The Jolly Phonics scheme includes songs and actions to help the children remember each sound. Phonetic words are referred to as easy words and non phonetic words as key words. The children will learn a sound a day from when they begin full time. The sounds are consolidated through daily practise and fun activities.

Pirton Hill reopens after the Easter break on monday 12th april

Welcome to our School

On behalf of all the staff, governors and children, welcome to our website which will give you a flavour of our school if you have any further enquiries then please contact the school.

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