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Summer 2 - 2021

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Summer 1 - 2021

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December 2020

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The children are back...

The bugs are back...

But, will the Evil Mr Booth be back..?

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Bugs - washed away


During autumn 2020

most Pirton children read aplenty.

Sadly, just a few had not,

which then led Booth to plan and plot...


to kill the ones who'd not been saved.

He kept them in his lair, enslaved.

Then the bugs, who were a lovely mauve

escaped the lair and tried to rove.


Sliding first down, then up the twine,

like miniature washing upon a line.

They caught their breath atop a fence

but an assault did soon commence!


Splashing, squirting – bugs were soaked

Booth's grin showed he was sure they'd 'croaked'.

But bugs are plucky little things

and, mustering a courageous final fling,


they used the safety of the gutter,

their little hearts were all a flutter!

However, freedom was not meant to be

Booth unleashed his hose you see...


A tsunami soon swept them away,

amongst autumn leaves, down the drain they lay.

Their lives were lost, their last breath spent.

They died, amongst the effluent.


So here's the moral of the tale,

read every day

don't fuss and wail.

Increasing word power helps you to be,

an author who's extraordinary.


Mrs Wright (November 2020)

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