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Evening of music and dance


Dear all,


A huge welcome to you all and thank you for attending the 4th Pirton Hill Dance show and if the previous year’s performances are anything to go by then you are in for an amazing evening. For many of the children tonight this will be their first time experiencing the excitement of live theatre and for some they are nearly professionals! That’s what makes this evening so inspiring.


Tonight we are delighted to offer you a range of performances including the return of the Year 6 chair dance, Year 3 drumming (its loud!!), the drama club, the choir and performers from NGYT dance groups. All the children have worked extremely hard in preparation for tonight and we are so proud of their skill, determination and enthusiasm.


We have a range of abilities performing tonight and there is always a chance that mistakes might happen or children miss a beat- tonight is about fun and so please clap and cheer all the children all the time.


It has once again been a pleasure to work with the fabulous team at NGYT who continue to excel and provide young people across Luton with the opportunities to engage with the arts and express themselves. This year NGYT have not only run our dance and drama clubs but worked with the reception children as part of the `tale shakers` project, which allow children to explore dance and music through stories and drama. As part of the POPUP projects during the summer term Pirton Hill children were also given the opportunity to experience `free running`. Thank you to everyone involved at NGYT you give the children of Luton a voice and provide them with a safe environment to be themselves and a place where they feel loved and part of a family. 

If you would like your child to attend dance/drama classes outside of school or require any further information then please call Laura on 07921 067683 / 01582 513946, visit their website or Facebook page


It is also a privilege for the school to work with the amazing Billy Strachan and the music maestro that is Mr Newport. Mr Strachan has worked with the school for many years and this year his has continued to teaching drumming to the Year 3 children.  Mr Newport continues to lead weekly singing assemblies and the Choir. I personally would to thank you them for their continued support and for inspiring children to love music.


Tonight would be not possible without the incredible Pirton Hill staff who have given up their evening to support the children and prepare them for their performance.


The staff and children appreciate you giving up your time at this very busy period of the year.


Finally, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.



Mr Martin

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Pirton Hill is CLOSED for most pupils but is open for KEY WORKER children over half term and will be REOPENING for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 on 1 June

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