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E-Cigarettes / Vaping

A small number of children in upper Key Stage 2 have been talking about vaping on the playground over the last week and we want to support all parents / carers to provide their child with the facts.   


An E-cigarette, or Vape, is an electronic device; they heat a liquid (vape-juice) until it produces an aerosol gas, that looks like smoke. Users breathe this into their lungs. The vape ‘juices’ usually contain nicotine, chemicals and ‘flavourings’.


Vaping and e-cigarettes come under the same law as smoking. This law says that it is illegal to sell any tobacco products to someone under 18. It is also illegal for someone else to buy them for you if you are under 18.


The NHS states that:

  • Many vaping ‘juices’ contain nicotine which is addictive and so it can be hard to stop using these products once you start; and 
  • Nicotine is harmful to the important child / teenage brain development.


Young, growing bodies should not to use these products at all; there is not yet much information on what the long term effects of using vapes will be.


Some recharging equipment for vapes have been found to be a fire risk.


If a child (under 16) is caught in public with an e-cigarette, the police can confiscate it from them and, of course, this would also happen at school (here or at secondary school). 


Childline has further information here 👉 Childline Vaping Info

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